Thursday, March 31, 2016

Waking Up

Waking up to one of our last days here; we leave on Sunday morning. Looks like snow in the forecast to welcome us back home. Soon enough, though, it will warm up to more seasonable temperatures. But this morning we are waking up to a gorgeous sunrise over the ocean. Mother nature at her best.

The morning sun is foretelling another beautiful warm day. The ocean is dotted with shrimp boats, parasails, paddle boards and surfers. There is a stage erected on the beach, which makes me think there will be a surfing competition later today. Surfers do not necessarily fit the stereotype I had. They include all ages;  the very young, as well as the very old, men, women, boys and girls. I admire the skills they demonstrate as they navigate the waves on their boards.

I found a sand dollar the other morning on one of our beach walks. So beautiful, so delicate. It was missing the cilia, so I know that it was not alive. I've cleaned it up and will bring it home with me as a nice memento of our time here.

Soon enough, we'll fall into our usual routines at home. I'll be happy to start my classes at the Y again. My mom will be needing my help, and my disabled brother will be glad I am home to help him with things he is not able to do for himself. My siblings have filled in for me while I've been gone, and for that I am grateful.

I've already started to pack, and over the next couple of days Jim and I will make sure we return with all we have brought with us. We are "eating down the fridge", and it looks like there will not be too much waste.

We purposely chose to leave on Sunday, hoping to avoid the mad rush of other snowbirds leaving at the end of the month. We'll do two overnights to get home. Many would choose to make the drive with just one overnight. We have found it to be less stressful to keep the driving to about 8 hours a day, with plenty of breaks along the way.

It will be good to wake up in our own bed.


  1. Glad you could spend time along the beach in the South's warm weather. Remember -- as a caregiver that it's very important you take good care of yourself -- whatever that may mean -- or you won't be any good to your loved one or yourself.

  2. Thanks for the words of encouragement. I have heard that before, and it does make sense. Those of us who are in the caregiving role sometimes have a hard doing this. But you are right, in the long run it is good for us, as well as our loved one.